Meeting the needs of law enforcement, first responders, and at-risk youth.

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The Vision

The Owen Speed Foundation envisions all children, youth, individuals and families are shown compassion, provided encouragement and offered support during unforeseen and sudden crisis situations.


Sergeant Steve Owen and Detective Mitch Speed were employed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  They were upstanding members of their community who dedicated and gave their lives to uphold the law and serve others.  

The Owen Speed Foundation was founded in their honor.



E.O.W. 10/05/2016

Steve’s career in law enforcement spanned three decades beginning in the jails of Los Angeles County to Patrol in South Central Los Angeles and eventually to the Antelope Valley, located in the northernmost part of the county.

During his career with the  Sheriff’s Department Steve was involved in many significant incidents that ranged from hostage barricaded, shots fired calls to helping the youth, with a heavy involvement in the law enforcement explorer program and as a result earned five different medals of recognition, one of which was the “Meritorious Conduct Gold Medal”, the second highest medal of recognition one can receive in the Sheriff’s Department.  Steve so loved his chosen profession, that it became his passion, or better yet his calling. Leaders are not made, they are born and Steve was a natural born leader who didn’t demand respect, he earned it.


The greatest award in Steve’s life was God, his wife and his children.



E.O.W. 07/07/2018

Mitch prided himself in being a husband, father and a man of God.  In the early years of marriage, he was a heavy equipment operator for the family business with a passion for writing and singing.  At the age of 36 he took a leap of faith to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a law enforcement officer and applied for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  During his career with the Sheriff’s Department Mitch worked the Jails and was later assigned to Lancaster Station, Patrol.  He later promoted to the Burglary Suppression Team where the team was awarded the Medal of Valor for arrests, stolen property and auto thefts.   Mitch promoted to Detective working Robbery and Assaults with his career being solely at Lancaster Station.  Mitch stepped away from work to battle Stage 4 Cancer.


While at Lancaster Station it was not unusual for Mitch to mentor fellow deputies and help them in difficult situations while sharing life experiences and his faith.  In March 2018 he was awarded a commendation for Leadership by the Sheriff’s Department for being a leader in both his professional and personal life.





Heal, Repair, and Strengthen Law Enforcement and First Responder relationships and marriages through open discussions, trainings, and supportive programming. The Owen Speed Foundation can provide a variety of training, retreats and resources aimed at strengthening both the relationships and family unit as a whole.


For youth ages 16 to 21, providing the opportunity to train and work closely as a volunteer in a law enforcement setting and be exposed to law enforcement work through an academy and community setting. These experiences allow youth the opportunity to determine a path and possibly a future career in law enforcement. The Owen Speed Foundation is dedicated to partner with community explorer programs, increase at-risk and vulnerable youth participation and support families emotionally and financially.


Suicide, illness, and in-line duty deaths are all realities of direct law enforcement and their families, resulting in additional stress and unexpected burdens. The Owen Speed Foundation is one of the first organizations aimed at supporting spouses, families and survivors with financial assistance and support to reduce the financial burdens and allow families time to process, connect and grieve. With the majority of women being stay-at-home mothers and caretakers with children in the home, the Owen Speed Foundation will provide immediate support to families.


Prepare youth and young adults for real-world life experiences through mentorships, training, support and trauma-informed services. The Owen Speed Foundation will support youth, young adults and communities by providing “Tie a Tie” events, job preparation events, interview training, career exploration events, self-reflection skills, and life skills support, including but not limited to, money management, balancing a check book, understanding taxes and bill paying skills. In addition, donating to established and developing programs in communities at the high school level to assist in sports, program fees, uniforms and transportation support.

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